Hi All, I do own a business similar to in India. What would be the best suggestion to grow it? Really confused on this!


If you have an already established business then the strategy would be different and if you are going to launch the same kind of business in India then the steps would be different.

Keeping your words in consideration that you want to grow it, it means you already have such business with you, now the timeline of your business in the market matters a lot. Anyways following things you can do at this stage to grow your business:

Increase your penetration.
Look for other channels e.g. corporate & digital.
If you are premium in the market then launch an affordable product line for other segments as well.
Review your business models, take it to all three models B2C, B2B and B2G.
Optimal utilisation of available resources can also maximise your profitability.


Answered 3 years ago

Hi, there are many strategies depending on how your business is doing now, there are many things to take a look into.

But just as a general rule if your business is already in operation I would recommend first to look into your client base and identify your perfect customer and create an avatar. Then focus your marketing efforts on that particular avatar.

Let's say for the sake of the question you have already done that and there's no one else within that segmentation that is going to buy you, you could try marketing a similar audience, but with a different approach, maybe you create campaigns focused on the spouse or the end user not the decision maker or the buyer.
Again for the sake of the question let's say there' no one else in that category then you can expand, try contacting businesses that complement your product, like constructor or designers and create strategic alliances.

We could keep going on forever...

Let me tell you what's really important that you have to do... You are confused because you are operating your business, you are working for your business and instead you need to make your business work for you...

You don't have the time and the energy because your are operating and putting out fires and your mind is not being able to see the big picture.

Take some time, get out of the daily operation so you can start developing strategies that help your business grow.

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Answered 3 years ago

Hi, If I am taking the products provided by Remer (, then those products are combining the functionality of known bath room equipment (mirrors, lightning, etc.) with digital technologies to gain a special user experience (light, vision, audio - maybe video, etc.) or to raise efficiency which could be expressed as financial benefit. In either case, you need to explain, why explicit user experience actually justifies the marginal price for the employed technology. For example:
- creation of an unique ambience
- combination of use cases (content provision)
- high end functionality (employment of sensors with particular functionality)

Furthermore, I would try to create an affiliate program with hotels --> provide them your products at a discount and they promote your products in their facilities.

I hope, I could shed some light into your inquiry. Happy to help further.
Maria Jose

Answered 3 years ago

The way the question asked not specific and any suggestion will be either come with assumptions or just another how to do approach.

Having grown 400+ companies, I still no capable to give you any good advice here.

The only obvious thing worth highlighting is that the website link is an Australian business in the Australian business landscape. Your business is in India, blindly clone the business model proven a lethal action. - please localise!

Answered 3 years ago

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