Where to get consulting for shareholders stocks' portfolios, custodian communication, stock loans?

Hi, Although I'm aware the Clarity forum is for entrepreneurship related topics and not topics as in title of the post (question) but someone of you might know more about consulting freelancers and firms, maybe have some connections with them. I'm looking for help related to tracking (finding) real time data what Stock is on the Sell Side in portfolio of particular individual or institutional shareholder indicating his/her/their desire to get rid of it, either temporarily or permanently and get capital from buyer/lender/investor for those pledged or sold stocks. Additionally, I'm looking for some help with finding partner in custodian firm or directly on shareholder side with whom and how to communicate to arrange a deal of providing them the capital and taking those available stocks in return. Could someone please suggest such consultant who to ask for detailed help about that process?


There are several options for consulting on shareholders' stock portfolios, custodian communication, and stock loans. Some of these include:

Financial Advisors: Many financial advisors, such as those at large financial institutions or independent firms, have experience working with shareholders and can provide guidance on managing stock portfolios and other investments.

Stockbrokers: Stockbrokers can provide information and advice on buying and selling stocks and can assist with executing trades on behalf of shareholders.

Stock loan service providers: There are a number of firms that provide stock loan services, these firms typically focus on lending against publicly traded shares, they also provide collateral management services and market intelligence to their clients.

Custodian banks: Some custodian banks also provide custodian services as well as services of communication with the shareholders and other parties related to the shares or securities on the portfolio.

It's important to keep in mind that consulting services may require a fee, and it's important to understand what you're paying for and to make sure that the firm or individual providing the services is qualified and licensed to do so. Researching the background of the firm or individual, reading reviews and checking with regulatory agencies, like SEC, would be a good step before engaging in any business with them.

Answered 5 months ago

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