How can I leverage my skillset as a designer to move into more product based offerings?

I have been designing for 15 years but would like to work on a project where I can sell a product using my skillset. The market is flooded with design resources, so it doesn't have to be a 'design industry'. I have no idea where to start.


You have to start building you conscientious, “how i can improve others ppl work?”. U have a great experience in design field which can give you many answers. My suggestion is that you should find answers on a few most common problems that you’ve experienced. From there ideas will just start flooding your mind. The market is overwhelmed with the copy/past stuff. You can also research that and try to eliminate same ideas. Find something unique, and u’ll find your light.
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Answered 3 years ago

Start with Adkins yourself the question “what problems can I solve?”.

This is the fundamental approach to designing products, look around your room, look for things that could be better and start there.

Don’t be concerned about practicalities yet, just focus on looking to making a better ‘thing’.

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Do you know how to find winning startup ideas?

This is a question I get asked a lot.

There is a huge misconception on what makes a successful startup.

Many people think they need to crunch out code, come up with a million-dollar idea, have previous startup experience or raise millions of dollars in funding. The truth is that most startup founders make this one mistake – they focus on what they are good at.

Good businesses have something in common.

They're about people.

People who want to feel good about themselves and be happy.
People who want their families healthy and safe.
People who want security and opportunity for their children.
People who are frustrated with their jobs, their current life, not feeling loved or appreciated at home.

Good businesses are built around these themes AND they solve a real business pain point by shifting the focus from "me" to "you."

So if you want to find the best idea, talk to as many people as possible. Often times, they will raise issues and problems that are worth pursuing.

I will say start with 20 new conversations per week.

Answered 3 years ago

UX copywriting skill is one of them. This builds a stronger connection between design and text, which can massively improve product development and minimize revisions. Both writers and designers are responsible for imagining different user interactions and exploring all the “what if” scenarios of their project. PayPal, for example, has a great interplay between text and design during their onboarding process. New users are provided with a quick walkthrough that shows the key account menus and explains their purpose using conversational language.
You can read more here:
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15 years is a long time. This has to make you an expert. Which is the most important to you, being your own boss and create wealth or being apart of a well known brand? Those are two different paths that I have the proven strategies to achieve. However, both paths requires a real effort from you. How much longer do you want customers (domestic and international) to wait on your brilliance? Let's talk further on a call.

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It's great that you have this many years of experience. It's all about coming up with unique or innovative ways to get new opportunities and to start a business where it would work for you in the long run. I'd suggest a few things:

1. You can create a website with your portfolio and build up your online presence through on-page and off-page SEO.

2. Create an innovative style for your personal brand and this can be in the form of video reels.

3. If you'd like to sell a "product" using your skillset, you have to identify what it is that you'd see yourself passionate about even after 5 years. In this case where you have 15 years in the design industry, you can offer online courses in designing.

4. Use Pinterest, IG, and Tiktok to get new opportunities and organic traffic

5. Research is Key, even cold calling still works but you have to identify your prospect, pitching to everyone will not work.

6. Youtube, Tiktok, and even Pinterest have many resources to help you come up with new business ideas and also show you how to accomplish them.

7. Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, Designhill, Peopleperhour and many more sites are a great place for you to find projects. Check out my blog post on this it will help you a bunch

If you need any assistance with how to start a profitable business, schedule a time to chat with me.

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It may be about transforming your skillset into a product or a new product that can help customers to design to win.

When you seek to learn "how-to" for the above subject, avoid a linear approach as there is no clear "how-to" available in the market.

You may think the product is ideal now, but the next moment you may change your idea. Moreover, you probably hesitate to invest in product development due to high cost as you don't know whether the market exit or not. Uncertainties ahead and unable to detect the correct trend make it hard to decide.

Lastly, many people always overlook this "shortage of time available to execute current projects while developing a new product".

There are a few important areas (but not conclusive) you need to skill up: 1) marketing, 2) product development, 3) technology management, 4) understand mega/ micro-trends, 5) know how to choose a direction, 6) build business model, 7) Agile management, 8) design or design similar thinking mindset, 9) prioritisation, 10) automate current business

The above are conclusion made is based on me helping 400+ companies to grow. Hope it is useful to you.

Please contact me for clarification if you need it.

Answered 3 years ago

I suggest talking with a mentor so that you can get the initial assistance you are looking for. Once getting your plan together then you may or may not want to invest in a coach, but it will really depend on what direction you decide to pursue.

Answered 3 years ago

Hello.You can priotise on creating refferals for your product work who will contribute to marketting tour designing skills

Answered 3 years ago

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