EIN number for non us resident during COVID

i wanted to start a us llc . i am not living in us , i opted to use some professional services , i received this email saying : step 2 Apply for EIN (Employer Identification Number) We can offer you an EIN within 24 hours - the fastest ever in the industry. But the EIN document will arrive at a later time due to the IRS delays brought about by the backlogs they still have from the pandemic.. Your company/business can already use this EIN to operate your business and use it with any other platforms you would like to apply to. how can this be possible ? is this a legit EIN ? how they can do it while everyone says getting EIN will take weeks ? here what other says : I actually do want to point out that the time frame your were given is not correct. The IRS is very behind on filings due to Covid closures and delays. The EIN filing without a SSN will take about 14-16 weeks. Unfortunately, there is not a way to make the process go faster. do you think during this COVID time i can get EIN number as fast as 24 hours really ?


No. That service is likely a scam. The only way you could obtain an EIN that quickly is if the service company is using an SSN or ITIN of an individual working at their company. This is often referred to as a nominee application. The IRS strictly prohibits nominee applications for an EIN. Under normal circumstances a nonresident could apply for an EIN via fax and receive an EIN in 6 to 10 business days. Because of Covid, we are seeing a turnaround time of between 70 and 80 days.

Answered 3 years ago

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