How to run multi social accounts

I am interested in quora marketing, I already have 2 accounts, I want to buy another 3 accounts, there will be 5 accounts, I am afraid quora will ban my accounts if there are 5 accounts. anyone can give some suggestions? thanks


Quora has a relatively strong filter of what they consider to be 'spam', so it is imperative that each account you create and use look authentic and personable. There is an app called 'Rambox Pro' that allows you to manage multiple unique accounts from different proxy servers in one place, which can potentially help you manage several Quora accounts from one dashboard.
I am directly managing a team of brand ambassadors for and have been using Quora and other platforms with relative success so far. This has given me direct experience with the Quora moderation system. I hope this answer helps you as well.

Answered 3 years ago

That seems like quite a handful, but in this time when the economic drain is on us multiply streams are critical and important.
But let us begin with:
a) Are you comfortable with the amount you have?
b) Can you comfortably manage them without any interlocking or conflict of interest?
c) Is it the same content you are sharing with each account?
If your answer is yes then check to see what are the guidelines that each one has. To make the best of the accounts you must adhere to the guidelines.
Hope this was helpful.
Let me know by sharing your feedback

Answered 3 years ago

Maybe open a new quora accunt

Answered 3 years ago

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