Cursor is working not Good!

Hi! I have Galaxy Chromebook 2, and I liked it but unluckily, it is not working well for the previous 2 3 weeks, Cursor is working not properly or smoothly though I have updated the cursor driver,Sometimes on the upper portion of the screen auto click occurs, I have reinstalled the windows, tested on new power plugs but it is not working. It mostly happens when I work on the following site of my client: <a href="">Stampa prints</a> The above site have Nulled wp-rocket installed in them, and when I start working on it, my laptop becomes very hot and loaded, and after a few minutes cursor becomes hang and auto clicks starts appearing until I restart my laptop. I don't know how to solve it, I have tried several options but no luck. could you suggest me, how to handle this problem. Help me out, guys. Replay me as soon as possible.


Try these actions if your touchpad stops functioning:-

Make sure the touchpad is clean and free of debris.
Numerous times, press the Esc key.

Ten seconds of drumming using your fingertips on the touchpad.

Turn off, then on again your Chromebook.

Execute a hard reset.

If your Chromebook has more than one account, delete the one that is causing touchpad issues before adding it again.

Answered 5 months ago

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