Is it possible to acces international credit from your Offshore LLC?

Many organizations offer services to create offshore companies and open bank accounts to allocate your capital. However I wonder if its possible to access credit from those offshore accounts and be able to leverage from it. Technically an offshore account should have all the banking solutions available as a company that resides in that country. This means access to business loans and such. However I havent heard much about credit in these countries. Or are they treated as a 'second class citizen' where you can only give them money but aren't trustworthy to demand credit.


Access to credit depends on the country and the credit worthiness of the borrower. For a business account, they will want to see strong financials. The trick is to get to know the lenders that serve the country you account is located in. Then apply for loans that suit your needs. Of course there is credit on the "international" scene as well, however, expect a lot more hoops to jump through as well as challenges in getting approved.

Answered 3 years ago

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