Want to market massage business with Groupon but we do outcalls and do not have a location. What do I do?

Do they run deals for businesses without a "home" location.


My understanding is that neither LivingSocial nor Groupon avail their discounts to "outcall-only" services. A new suite of services are cropping-up that might be better for you as a service provider. Two notable ones include and

Also, I'd encourage you to speak with peers or even book massage appointments via different services and talk with the service providers about their experience before doing so yourself.

I have several friends who are body-workers who have expressed dissatisfaction with their experience with "daily deal" sites. The two apps I mention are much more a "personal calendaring" service for people who sell their time, mixed with some commerce components.

Hope this helps.

Answered 7 years ago

I think it's possible but honestly I am not sure. It will be best if you can ask that question on their FB page at
If you have a website, you might want to use twitter to promote your deals as well.

Answered 7 years ago

I would be VERY careful running groupon deals, as you can end up with your feet over your head insanely quickly.

Generally, groupon requires a roughly 50% discount off your MSRP to run the "deal."

So if you charge $65/hr it becomes ~$30.

On top of that, Groupon takes approximately 50% as a commission.

So, your $30 now becomes about $15.

The trick is to 1) upsell the hell out of people to build up more profit. 2) make sure it's not super easy for people to redeem their groupon.

Your situation is like the worst groupon situation: you make it extremely easy for them to redeem and make little profit. You couldn't even pay for gas to get to them with the income from it.

There are way more effective ways to increase sales. If you're looking for some advice, feel free to set up a call.

Answered 7 years ago

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