Meeting business clients from far and near?


The best way to meet business clients in this day and age is over a video phone call.

Answered 3 years ago

In my opinion, during normal situation we should meet our client face to face in order to have crystal clear expectation and emotion involved in.

But during recent situation we could do both by offline or online since we also have to manage from location, energy and also cost

I think we could having meeting from far or near effectively if we have mutual goals

Answered 3 years ago

This is more complex than:
Video call = convenience
Face to face = Personal
Without knowing why you want to meet clients, its harder to give specific advice but I would be led by two factors.
1. How do these clients want to interact with you?
2. In what format will you be able to give value to the meeting for the clients and achieve your own objectives?
The answer is likely to be offering a range of solutions- new technology has given us flexibility to offer solutions that fit the needs, desires and budgets of both parties, so understand what those needs are and how best to fulfil them and you will be able to offer the correct choice for both parties.
Happy to discuss if useful.
Good luck!

Answered 3 years ago

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