Delivery problem

soon opens a shipping company to make my business profitable I have to charge more at the very beginning $ 25 for 20 deliveries but the problem is that I would have 500 users and that's 10,000 deliveries which is about $ 12,500 and that's not too much to start to pay more delivery workers if I paid 3 workers to use their car it would cost me about $ 9000 for 6 months and working hours would be 8 hours which means they can deliver about 50 packages a day and all in all there would be 3600 packages a month all three suppliers. in order to meet the norm of 10K delivery I need about 3 months until the next order of 500 users if there is a better solution than this. Thank you for your reply


You can try something like uber to pay people who will deliver goods for a reasonable price

Answered 3 years ago

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