As a certified career coach/ professional resume writer and a former Recruiter, I am often asked this question
“ I have a great resume, I believe that I’m qualified and a good fit for all these open positions” despite the fact, I have submitted hundreds of applications, I’m not generating any interest from the companies recruiter/Hiring managers – no one is calling me to conduct interviews
So here’s the deal:
Most job seekers (candidates) pull job postings and began applying because on the surface “the opportunity” appears to be a good match for their education, skills, experiences, and backgrounds.
This is where things start to get interesting! Although they sincerely believe that their a great match for every application they make, unfortunately, the resume may only be 30 – 40%, match
Let me explain:
Critical keywords in the Job responsibilities, mandatory requirements, and qualifications for the job as well as accomplishments, and achievements are missing from the resume. As a result, the resume does not move through the companies Application Tracking Systems (ATS) and end up in the trash
Most company Recruiters will only consider resumes of the applicant that are 60% or better
I teach my coaching client how to how to recognize and include “Keywords” in their resume before submitting any application as part of my “Job search Strategy Preparation training” – this is critical in my opinion.
I hope this helps!
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Todd Dhillon
Career Coach

Answered a month ago

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