I've been trying to submit my profile.

Your short bio allows for 50 characters. I've got mine down to 46 characters. Won't allow. Also - my user name. I've used many uncommon names, it still won't pass allow.


There are several reasons you might have issues with your profile and name, some potential ones to look at:

* Are you using any special characters that the system might not recognize in your name or profile? Try inputting only a single word, and see if it accepts that, then add until it fails to find the offending part.
* Are you using a script or add blocker in your browser which might be interfering? Try again with a browser in incognito mode and no script blocker.
* Are you copy-pasting the bio from a word processor, which might include formatting? Try pasting it into a browser box and then copy-pasting it from there into your bio.
* Is there a message anywhere that something else is not filled in correctly? The bio might seem like the problem, but if there are other fields which are not correct, try and find those.

If all fails, try and contact Clarity support and see if they can find anything on their end. Good luck!

Answered a year ago

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