¿How do you improve PPC Campaign?

I need ideas to grow up my Google ADS Campaign.


1. Select Advertising Platform. 2. Define your Goals. 3. Research your Target Audience. 4. Do ALOT of Research. 5. Have a Pros & Cons Lists. 6. Get a group of people you can trust/rely on to comment their TRUTHFUL thoughts about your Advertisement. 7. Have a unique, fantastic, never been seen relatable Advertisement.

Answered 3 years ago

High level:
- it’s not about traffic it’s about the right traffic
- ppc and the internet are built for testing variants, do that and learn and optimize
- focus in both your ppc copy as well as the journey your sending them to
- if you’re doing all this and its working then next is to apply this to broader terms or other targeted audiences to open up the top of your funnel.
- finally if your big enough and it makes financial sense, hire a credible agency as all digital marketing is moving at warp speed and these agencies live and die it 24x7x365 with power knowledge and tools*

PPC is the perfect “ad” vehicle for optimization. That it’s magic and is built for “test - learn - adjust - test - learn..”.

It’s less of a guessing game and more of a science process doing various ad copy and seeing results and tweaking.
Remember that mere clicks and traffic don’t mean your ads working, your copy should attract targeted qualified prospects vs anyone. Also your copy can be crafted to also “discourage” clicks as you pay for the click and you want to pay for the right people in the right mindset.

Next where are you linking the ad too? Point them to a place that help you move them to buy.. it could be a targeted right product page but best is a custom landing pages that is your best shot at educating your prospect as “why to buy” (from you or this item) vs “here it is” and should have simple easy “next action” (see product or?).

You can test various places and copy as to where you land you PPC traffic (even tied to specific ads).

Also if by “improve” you mean conversion, then obviously you value proposition for the product and buying from you needs to be solid vs competition (trust, quality, service and price (but price doesn’t need to be lowest it’s just a variable in your “value” to a customer).
Best to you on your journey,

*Discourse : i am Vice Chairman of top performance marketing agency

Answered 3 years ago

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