How can i increase sales for my Jewellery e-Commerce store?

What are some of the best marketing sales strategies to increase sales.


Use Bait & Hook Business strategy to attract customers by showing your Jewellery's stores competitve edge through your E-Commerce site which makes you different and sets you apart from other competitiors present in market place.

Answered 3 years ago

Each online store is composed of a user-friendly website design, seamless cart functionality, mobile optimization, promotional campaign management, and high-quality product and marketing content. Their fine jewellery catalogue is married with on-brand messaging of the product’s quality and everyday practicality. Determine necessary site functionality for your online jewellery store. These functions are essential to your online business because they support your marketing strategy, frontend and backend operations, and security measures. Effective product inventory management is important because, depending on your niche, jewellery sales can be strongly influenced by seasonality. While every day, affordable, fashion-type purchases remain consistent throughout the calendar year, niches like fine jewellery experience higher demand around Mother’s Day, holiday, and wedding seasons.
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There are multiple ways to increase sales. These are some initial thoughts, and happy to get into additional details on these --
1. Facebook ads (we are currently running this for one of our portfolio companies and seeing really good conversions/cost of conversion)
2. Google ads
3. Pinterest
4. Website optimization -- if you have a website, this is a critical area you can optimize to get maximum sales conversions
5. Email -- this is one of the best ways to get sales and conversions. For our latest client, this is the #1 sales channel in terms of performance

Answered 3 years ago

there are a lot of answers here with some great technical ways to increase sales. That's all fantastic, what are you doing to engage people? Are you going in groups on facebook and developing relationships? Here's an idea, go on a facebook group for weddings and look for people asking jewelry-related questions. Answer them with no expectations. Maybe after you do that for a few weeks and people know you as the expert jewelry lady, they're listening when you ask them to check out your website for rings. Instagram is probably where you're going to shine. Jewels are shiny, take great pics of your stuff, then post them. Get bigger pages to promote your page, this can be done for about $40 for a 24 hour run. It gets you followers and followers become customers. You want and need eyeballs. Maybe do a youtube video where you help people understand a misunderstood thing about jewelry. Whatever people are curious about? What is the difference between a pear stone and a whatever stone, why you should have a wedding ring and wedding band. Why men's bracelets are all the rage.

Answered 3 years ago

It will be impossible to have a good marketing strategy first, social networks make things much easier these days and you have to use their full potential.

You should also have a very clean and easy to use website, with excellent mobile conversation.

These two things are extremely important.

Answered 3 years ago

Driving traffic to your online store takes true intention & strategy. I also have an e-commerce store and use several ways to keep steady sales. There are things like keywords for SEO, ways to post on social media to engage followers that turn in to customers, email marketing and more. The key is to truly market your brand story and what makes your jewelry different.

I’d love to speak more with you about ways to specifically market your jewelry to drive website traffic and sales. Feel free to schedule a call!

Answered 3 years ago

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