Hey. I want to ask more about the business model on wxatthewmaps. Can the value-retention model work?


Wxatthewmaps is an interface that offers thinking automation. So, I believe before you are choosing a business-model you must understand what it is that you want to target. Often people confuse between value-retention and customer-retention. These two are closely related. When you enter the word “value, you will come across two business models. Value proposition development is an organizational approach to building in value to the customer experience. It is simply that by building a value proposition you will provide profitable and superior customer value.
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Creating a value-focused enterprise requires a fundamental rethink of the way things are organized and managed. These customers demand, and are willing to pay for, a sales effort that creates new value and provides additional benefits outside of the product.
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Short answer is yes, it would work but choose wisely.
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Answered 3 years ago

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