Are there any available Middle Software Developers?

I have a promising project (study this: I am looking for developers with experience in real estate (at least two years of experience). Remote mode, the rewards are discussed in person. Where can I find qualified developers? I need at least a team of 5.


I have a business finding developers for startups, so this is something I have some experience in. I would say that you're looking for the wrong thing.

You do not need to have developers with experience in real estate. What you need is good developers, and a solid design plan for them to follow. For example, when I got my first programming job out of college, I worked as a coder for a company that did government retirement software. Government retirement rules are complex, and I knew nothing about them. But as a coder, I didn't need to, since my boss gave me instructions on what needed to be done. If you have a clear vision for your product, and can explain that vision in tangible, clear terms, that's good enough.

What you want is some solid, experienced developers who know how to build a product and use best practices. You may or may not need five people. Be careful not to make the mistake that many entrepreneurs make by overstaffing. More developers does not necessarily mean that it will get done faster. Plan out your team based on what skill sets you need, and start small. You can always add more developers later. Generally speaking, 90% of the time when I see an entrepreneur starting out with a big team, they're probably trying to do too much too soon. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Answered 3 years ago

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