What possibilities are there of syncing and /automating messaging to connections across different social media networks?

We are co-founders with thousands of social media connections across Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. We want to automate messages to people with an invite to join our platform but don’t want to message people twice on the same/different network by the same/different co-founder. Is there a way of syncing and automating messaging to contacts across the 3 networks? If a contact has been messaged in one network can they be automatically excluded from receiving a message on others? What CRM or similar is capable of automatically fetching connections from Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter (all three), pooling them, preventing multiple invites, and recording where we’re at in the process with each lead. What software is available that can send automated messaging to contacts across all three networks? So, in sum, we want a system to: message people, avoid messaging those who have expressed a wish to not be pursued, update automatically with current, incoming, and removed connections, track progress with each lead across our 5 social media accounts, and two users promoting the same product.


Social media automation is using software tools to handle some of the time-consuming tasks involved in maintaining a professional social media presence. For instance, scheduling posts ahead of time, curating content for republishing, triaging routine customer queries, and producing analytics reports are all examples of social media automation. However, not all social media tasks can or should be automated. Integrating social media automation into your workflow can take a bit of initial legwork, especially if you are used to doing everything yourself. Cross posting the same text across all your social accounts might save a few minutes, but the cost in credibility is high. Instead, take the extra time to adjust your message for each platform’s audience.
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Answered 3 years ago

I think you're going to run into a roadblock with this. I am not aware of any of the big social media players that allow you to export your followers/their members in a way you've described.

I suppose you could rig a content scraping script to do this for you, but the likelihood of contacts staying in sync would be increasingly unreliable.

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Answered 3 years ago

Hey I'm like 85% sure this is the solution you are looking for the tool is called Phantom Buster and it does email automation as well as social messages.

I would watch the tutorial from Chase Reiner SEO on YouTube for how to use the software.

Good luck! Hope it helps!!👍🏾

Answered 3 years ago

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