How do reward app companies get paid for consumers scanning receipts? How do they turn that into revenue? Are they selling to data brokers?


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Answered 3 years ago

I'm not 100% but I believe that they have a partnership with the retailers in their network and they get a referral fee from them for each receipt scanned.

I would also imagine that the actual data of what you the consumer is actually purchasing can be valuable also.

For instance if Kellogg learned that 870,000 people are buying a certain type of cereal that the competition sells and they don't, id imagine that would be important to know!

Hopefully that answers your question!

God bless

Answered 3 years ago

Reward app companies get paid for consumers scanning receipts primarily through affiliate commissions paid by the brands they partner with. Additionally, they may make money through interchange fees. Generally, they do not sell data to data brokers, but may use data collected from the scanned receipts for targeted advertising purposes.

Answered a year ago

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