I have been learning, training and connecting with Amazon sellers to kick start my own Amazon business. But it's all over whelming and confusing. Need proper guidance and direction.

Just get started, with your first product, build up momentum and continuously refine your offerings and the way you manage the business.

I'm telling you this, because it's easy to get lost in overanalyzing and overtraining - and forgetting about the actual execution.

When I put my book on Amazon, I quickly searched for the top 10 similar and competing books, as a benchmark. Then I just created my profile, and the product page - based on what I saw in the examples. And every now and then I do simple growth experiments, like:
- change in product description
- exploring Amazon ads
- sharing the product page embedded in some content

The basic principle is similar to how we built each startup in our venture builder: select a market where we see multiple opportunities -> come up with potential ideas/products -> quickly and effortlessly create prototype or MVP -> sell it as soon as possible, get market validation. Actually, when we are not talking just about Amazon, we like to sell first and build later. There are of almost zero-cost validation methods to make sure that we come up with a service or product that the market wants, that is worth building.

Happy to discuss further.

Answered a year ago

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