How to start a sole agency and hire distributors for an exported product

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I can try finding some for you

Answered 3 years ago

The thing to remember when working with either an agent or distributor is that it is your show – it’s your product they’re selling, it’s your name on the line. ‘Exclusive’ terms would make the appointed representative the only entity that can sell your product in that market, preventing even your own business from also selling into that market. If you hire someone in this way, you need to be sure that they responsibly buy into your business ethos. It is usually advisable to ask an agent or distributor to ‘earn’ your trust first.
You can read about them in details here:
Being a sole distributor gives you the ability to corner the market on a new product, whether in your city, state, region, or the entire country.
You can read about it in details here:
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Answered 3 years ago

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