How can I get top performers/successful entrepreneurs to interview for a blog without having an already established brand?

I am in the process of getting a blog up and running that would interview top performers/entrepreneurs about the advice they would tell to their younger selves. A few of the way I have thought to reach out to people would be: -Connecting with them via LinkedIn. This could be done by Inmail request or via a group that we share in common. -Emailing authors who are coming out with new books. -Following entrepreneurs via Twitter and commenting on their personal blogs before trying to reach out. At first, I am thinking it would be easier to ask the entrepreneur to answer a question or two rather than a full interview. I would love any advice on this subject. I appreciate any type of help you can offer! Have a great day.


I have written hundreds of blog posts by interviewing amazing people. I have interviewed best selling authors, CEOs, entrepreneurs and more. Here are my five tips for getting the interviews...

1. Ask - most people want to be heard and they will grant you an interview if you simply ask for it. Sometimes the hard part is finding their contact info but I have had great luck using the paid version of LinkedIn and

2. Always Be Ready! Recently I was at a networking function at a bar when I had the opportunity to meet The Bachelor from the season 4 show. I googled him on my iphone...found out a little about his businesses and approached him spot on for an interview which I published a day or two later on The Huffington Post.

3. Make it worth their time. Getting author interviews is easy because they want to sell books. I usually do those interviews in a live webinar format for my coaching clients so that the author can sell books and we get a great mix of questions. I then publish the webinar/teleconference on my blogs.

4. Be Prepared - I never go into an interview asking questions I could find on google. Always find out as much as possible about the person you are interviewing by researching them first. As well, if you are interviewing an author, never interview them without reading the book first.

5. How much time do you need? I interview many people who are extremely busy and so when I ask for the interview I make it clear that I will work around their schedule and I let them know in advance how much time I am asking for.

I have never had to pay for an interview. I always share my content via my blogs. I always follow up with a thank you note and small gift.

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Great question. I get this question all the time and the best place to start is to look at your own network.

Before reaching out cold which you will eventually have to do, ask family and friends who they know or you probably know of some personally. There are already people you know who are high level entrepreneurs that would be great.

yes the other ways are good also ie linkedin, twitter,etc

what format are you going to use to do the, video, written or all?

I talk about this exact question here...

Let me know how I can help.

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Blog interviews are only as interesting as the people being interviewed. Create your own list of interviewee essentials, starting with the factors mentioned above. Other factors to consider include the interviewee's primary social media channels, their audience size, and their overall brand. A good rule of thumb is to have at least twice as many potential interviewees, as necessary. Chances are high that you already know some great candidates for blog interviews. Second, if you have already heard of them, they are important enough to be worth interviewing. You will eventually want to track interview candidates in a spreadsheet, but blank notebooks/Word documents encourage your mind to think more freely. Social media is an ideal tool for finding people who are both interesting and influential enough to make excellent interview candidates.
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Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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