How to address misconfusion/ risk Patent between Brand names Western Digital and We Seed Digital

Hello I created the We Seed DIGITAL entity Jan 2020 in France , Paris specialized in printing solutions and against planned obsolescence I took the steps to file the name and protect the copyright to the authorities Later in front of a French investor capital committee, I see myself re-named my name because there is another entity Western DIGITAL company specializing in data backup servers I don't understand this has nothing to do with Western DIGITAL and We Seed DIGITAL (we are sowing the seeds of DIGITAL) The activity is the purpose of the activity has nothing to do with servers manufactoring. I don't understand this distrust from some the committee members. Am I wrong to underestimate their lack of comfort or even their mistrust? Is there really a risk? I note in passing many legal entities with the term Digital in France offering advisory. Are there elements of language to defend me and protect me in the future Thank you


Hi, you are going through a lot of problems with the name. I can give you the most important things to know about the copyright. Please read the copyright act of your country. There have so much information about copyright and how can you avoid copyright act easyly.
If you already know that the atc is stands for then you have to change your business name. It would be great for you.
Thank you....

Answered 3 years ago

I believe the confusion occurred because the likelihood of confusion was completely ignored.
Making sure you are fully aware of what constitutes likelihood of confusion is just as important for your initial naming process as it is for any trademark watching you have in place. Obviously, you do not want to submit a trademark application that will be rejected. The connection between the similarity of the two brand names and the relative closeness of the goods or services is an important one. Computer software and computer peripherals, for example, are likely to attract similar customers and so the risk of confusion is higher. If the two competing products are tractor parts and bikinis, it is possible that even an identical brand name could be acceptable as it seems unlikely that their markets would be substantially made up of similar consumers.
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Answered 3 years ago

I think this topic is very annoying for you and I wish you good luck
Regarding the trade name, sometimes the company has the right to reserve more than one name and adopt one name for fame, and in this case it is possible that the chosen name may not be accepted.

From my point of view, it is good for you that the name was not accepted because there is a similar name. Some problems or misunderstandings may occur if the other company is bad.

Choose for yourself a distinctive name that reflects the image of the company's work and work on marketing the name and identifying a distinctive brand to be unique in your field strongly

Answered 2 years ago

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