Looking for a hot fill co-packing facility for new beverage product (4 SKUs)

I am looking for a co-packer for a line of NA beverage products. I have four shelf-stable recipes (complete) for a series of spirit free cocktails. Here are some details: Ph3.0 - water, sweetener, juice concentrate and natural flavors needs to be flash pasteurized quickly to 193 degrees - put into glass bottles and sterilize container and cap (lay over or steam) and then through a cooling tunnel to get to 90 degrees in 20 minutes (give or take). There are no preservatives and non-carbonated. I am open to glass sizes - but looking at a boston round (24+ oz) - but having a challenging time finding them If this is viable - what is your minimum production for four varietals) and can the line be rented for the day as well? (just curious about options). Do not have a process authority yet - but will once I have a copacker. I am located in Erie, PA. The product is Blind Tiger, LLC.

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