Criticism time! Does this idea stand a chance?

A crowd importing platform where consumers can buy directly from manufacturers at no mark up price. The only catch is that it has to hit a certain number set by the manufacturer either local or abroad. If the target is hit, they get the item shipped, if not, money is refunded. There are also different price levels, ex: the earlier you put down your deposit, the cheaper the price. After a certain date, the price gets higher. So what do you think? And is there anything similar out there?



MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is not a new concept; it has a high success rate and various implementations the most common being regulatory agency restrictions, which have to do with import/exports, good sold etc.

Additionally, no manufacturer can sell at cost (no markup) and remain in business. There are always “costs” with any goods/services sold.

I hope my broad-stroke response has provided you some clarity. I am happy to assist with specifics via phone consultation.

Answered 4 years ago

Your idea is fantastic marketing strategy! It is somewhat like the Wholesaler marketing concept that is prevalent in India and extremely popular. The wholesale market in India focuses on three basic strategies:
1. Formulate the wholesale marketing strategy–Marketing plans need not always be set of documents. Spending time to form the wholesale marketing strategy will improve the ability to gain customers to a large extent and will eventually lead to consistent sales. The company’s marketing strategies should contain many small tactics which when joined will create a flow that will direct the business towards the right direction. Few points that be taken care is to create a social media post, to create a company website, give a local advertisement, direct mail and so on.
2. Focus on the marketing strategy – Once the marketing strategy is set, focus on the 3 main areas – get new wholesale customers, get more orders from the customers, increase the sales from the wholesale business.
3. Wholesale promotion ideas for getting more orders – It is a great challenge to get the wholesale customers to register. There are many wholesale promotions methods that can be used to encourage the wholesale customers to connect with the company. There could be many barriers like unawareness of the product, shipping charges, minimum orders, process of ordering, unaware of the terms and conditions and lack of sales support. Keeping this barrier in mind, the wholesale promotions should be targeted by making the customers be aware of the product, orders etc.
But yes, there is one thing I will mention is that you will require people to implement this idea, because without it the idea will not make a profit.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 4 years ago

This could potentially work. You could run the sales as daily flash sales, letting buyers know about the purchase thresholds that have to be met before a sale becomes final. I think if you didn't run these as flash sales with time limits, it could take too long for a given product to reach it's threshold. People want their stuff fast. The flash sale concept would both encourage purchase via natural urgency, and enable the sales to be finalized and processed quickly.

If you can guarantee manufacturers that you'll hit their minimums, they will be likely agree to this as long as they are okay with drop shipping the sold goods.

Answered 3 years ago

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