Looking for grant of AWS Credits? Startups focusing on Blue Collar jobs based out of India has already been granted the AWS Startups Credits. is an online Job website for Blue Collar segment focusing only on Manufacturing, Constructions and Service Industry catering to lower section of the society (labour/helper)s. Due to Covid we have zeroed on our sales and it's difficult to survive at present. For the same if anyone can help us get connect with any VC or anyone who can help us in getting AWS Credit (grants)? We already have won 1000$ AWS Credits under their startup programs.


The credits that you already received are under AWS Activate Founders. Quoting from the AWS website, "If you have previously received AWS Activate Founders benefits, you are ineligible to apply again. You can only receive AWS Activate Founders benefits once."

However, check if you are eligible for their AWS Activate Portfolio Program.
This provides $100,000 USD in AWS Credits.

Answered 2 years ago

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