How do I answer questions on Clarity

I am extremely excited in the idea of helping others. But can not find how I can answer questions on the site.


It is extremely easy, and it has three ways. Whenever you wish to answer a question on clarity follow these three tips:
1. Start by covering your related experience: Relate your real life experience with he question, for instance if you are answering a question on Sales & Marketing make sure you really have the experience of Sales and Marketing, do not beat around the bush.
2. Answer the question in detail, giving examples, tips, etc.: Avoid making cheap money. Make sure you are REALLY helping the concerned person, not for money but for sake of really helping. Check the internet for details, example, and tips, read books, blogs, and newspapers, try to relate them to the question at hand.
3. End by offering a call for follow up questions: Once this is done, go to your account, enter edit your profile section click on share your profile link below the answer.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 4 years ago

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