I need a clear pathway defined to get from pre-launch to beta test to full scale launch. A quality OVP is vital but I think more important is the membership subscription features, as well as the internet marketing. I need a plain spoken expert to assist with forward steps.


I am a Marketing responsible for online video monetization so your point rings a bell.

Few questions need to be answered in order to build a successful strategy :
1/ What kind of instruction do you have in mind and for which target ?
2/ How many video do you plan to produce per day/week/month and at what cost
2/ What are your membership objectives and your communication budget for year 1 and 2.

Then, we can build a launch plan and the internet marketing plan associated.

As you mentioned the OVP is very important but again it depends on what you have in mind, on the zone you plan to reach, on the way you plan to secure your content, on the additional features you expect (or not) etc etc.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that a membership subscription service is built on what you give for free. What will you show to your prospect that will give them the will to pay for the next part, for the full service.

Hope it helps and call me so we can build a full strategy.

Answered 7 years ago

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