Looking for an expert in importing products into Canada and knowing the various regulations and certifications needed for those products. Any takers?

We are medium sized enterprise looking to pivot from our existing business into the import and distribution. We have the ears of buyers but at the moment need new products. How do we know if the products we are considering are compliant to Canadian regulations and laws? When it comes to toys, electronics and pet products, how do we verify if a factory actually has the certifications it claims. I'm asking anonymously for the privacy of my company and our clients. I will give pertinent details if required should we choose to speak.


To directly answer your question, different products have different requirements and are subject to different regulations. And each product and product category should be evaluated individually.

You can check the government link for some related info.

You can check the lab which issued the certification if they are authorized to issue Canadian certificate. You can also call the lab and make due diligence regarding the report. There are many other ways to verify the factory too.

I have been developing products for 15+ years and living in China for the last 10 years. I am happy to help with your further questions.


Answered 4 years ago

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