How can I build up my IG account

Atleast gaining 300 plus active followers in a day


1. Start with an awesome Bio
Your Profile page on Insta will be a very visited place. If it doesn’t look good it will hurt you. As simple as that!
Profile pic — Many brands are using their logo which is in sync with their overall branding but they can use something else like a symbol used in a certain recent commercial or something else which is usually associated with the brand.
Your website — This is actually the only place on Instagram where you can add a hyperlink (aka a clickable link). This can be swiping up in Stories. Use it wisely so it will matter for visitors to learn more about your organization. Later, after you become established on Instagram you can use what is called a “link in bio solution”. But for the beginning, the discovery mode mindset will serve you well.
A simple, yet concise description — Write in few words briefly who you so people could understand in seconds what you are saying. People have a very short attention span (which on Instagram is even shorter) and don’t have any second to lose.
Create either a regular or business account — this is totally your decision, ideally, for a brand, it should be a business account, not personal. This will also bring you the basic accolades on Instagram, it will be like your business passport.
2. Identify Your Target Audience
The whole purpose on being on Instagram is to develop a community of members, a tribe in sync with your brand and content. In order to create a content plan (aka editorial plan) and keep the users engaged you need to know your purpose on Instagram — what you want to achieve by publishing these materials there. Determining who is your audience is a crucial step because once you know that it will help you to adapt your brand’s tone and voice to the way your audience digest information.
3. Tune Your Voice and Tone
The voice and tone are part of who you are as a company or brand, and even as your own personality. Are you soft, hard authoritative, cool, sassy, classy … you will decide on this. This is not 100% fixed without the ability to be changed, they will be in a constant change but in the framework dictated by the way, your audience digests the information. As you will figure out the best tone to hook your audience and make it grow it will become like a DNA imprint and one of the brand’s assets. Over time this will become one of the key elements for the followers’ loyalty.
4. Create a Content Plan (aka Editorial Plan)
Building a strong content plan is a strategic decision which will pay high dividends over time. You could decide to spread the content in a few key categories and be consistent there. They will function like pillars for your content to build your whole Instagram account on. Be as creative as possible. You can model what you see working on your competitors' accounts but don’t copy. Be creative as creativity is always rewarding but at the same time don’t try to reinvent the wheel! By planning and scheduling content in advance using any of the tools available on the market today (check before if it is approved by Instagram, not to have troubles with your account) you will have a contact flow of content to feed your audience.
5. Consistency is the Key
As in everything, consistency is very, very important. You are the one who will train your tribe. You will form new habits for your followers in what to expect from you over time. This will be seen in:
The look of your graphics and posts
The tone of your brand’s voice
The posting frequency
6. Create an Incentives Program
Word of mouth is the best form of almost free advertising. Create an Incentives program also called gifting and look for small-medium influencers on a rise so they will do a lot of work for usual low pay. Find the influencers who are already in sync with your brand’s values and don’t force anything. Repurpose any great content generated by the influencers and use it more than once so you will never run out of content ideas.
7. Invest Little by Little in Advertising
With Instagram, the organic reach is still very good but to push the gas pedal why not putting some money in advertising? Always, before starting to advertise establish yourself a goal for advertising on Insta.
8. Monitor, Adjust, Optimize
Take a daily or at least weekly of the results you are getting from your Instagram work. Look if people are interacting with your content, what kind of content makes your audience do something, what performs and what doesn’t and take appropriate measures based on this. You need to have patience and don’t expect the great things to happen overnight because this strategy will not work. Also take into consideration that Instagram has buyer traffic which is very important, people are ready to buy right from Instagram which is pretty cool.
9. Create Stories
Stories are the #1 way now on Instagram to engage with your followers get attention, awareness, leads and sales. The best way to create stories is using software, here is one I created with this software in less than one minute.

Answered 4 years ago

1.Use Emotion to Make Your Content Reach More People. I know: You've read 100 blog posts about the power of emotion in content marketing. ...
2.Tell People to Double Tap If XYZ. ...
3.Tell People to Tag Someone Who XYZ. ...
4.Grow Using Hashtags and Tags Without Looking Spammy.

Answered 4 years ago

The most effective way to build up an IG account is to produce quality content that your audience enjoys but also look to collaborate.

Collaboration with another account is a great way to build up trust amongst your target audience.

I've built up twitter accounts and one I'm currently working on has over 1.5million views per month having built up the audience from 6,000 to 9,000.

Happy to discuss.

Answered 4 years ago

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