How to get the message delivered to impossible to be contacted target individual person (prospect) who is C Level board member of public company?

Hi, Would someone suggest me some consultant or consulting company for this please? Tried via LinkedIn but C board member is not registered and in some different case not active and doesn't respond my connection add request.


Hi,please make your question more clear

Answered 4 years ago

Gift Harong I had created more clear question in the past but it disappeared from the forum and Clarity representative told me it was too large in size so I had to make as small as possible. Additionally, I can't manage to make a reply on my own original message so I have to make my reply to your message as an answer.

I have been looking for some consulting firm or individual consultant. There are many content writers but I really need someone with "been there, done that" successful experiences of (out)reaching/contacting the member of gigantic public company being on extremely high hierarchy of board of directors (C level) who is basically impossible to be reached (contacted) anyhow: neither via call ( * ), nor via email ( ** ), not even in person for those who have ability to travel.

( * ) too many secretaries and gate keepers, no one is willing to forward the call or give direct phone number, Even if it happened, it would be just another gate keeper.

( ** ) impossible to find email address of final target prospect

Referring to the art of delivering the message to someone who is harder to get in touch with than the USA president. Usually such people are not even on LinkedIn but if they are, they might not be active and don't see my message. I know I could change the strategy and move to introduction way of approach to his closest C level colleague but even such person might not be active or active and either not responding and/or declining Connection Add request or approving it but then not responding to my message which makes me think I didn't provide enough value.

Tried to get in touch with some of experts here on Clarity but the website is asking me to make a payment in advance.

Where could I get some help please with exact step by step detailed approach on reaching exact C level member of exact company? Identical target individual and not just some strategic direct marketing or some unknown lead generation. I'm looking for consulting on how to get the letter (preferably the content creation to be included in consultant's help) to exact wanted person.

Answered 4 years ago

I have taught on this and mostly done it myself; our clients are executives of private held large enterprises! Those are even harder than public companies to contact obviously. I do create custom written pitches for the actual content, in addition to helping infiltrate target prospects. Been doing such for over a decade+. Let’s chat if you wish.

Answered 4 years ago

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