How can i make money with my YouTube channel when am not up to a 1000 subscribers

Am Royal Jen, the owner of Royal.C.Tv.


Hi dear, Getting 1000 subscriber is really hard now. But when your videos get daily 1,000 views. The money making on YouTube become really easy.

Look How?
1.Apply for sponsership site like Famebit, etc
2.Join ClickBank select one product promote it in your videos.
3.Try to join affiliate network which pay per email submit, SMS, email verification, etc.

There are many ideas to earn money online on Youtube.It will take lot of time here...So this much here only.


Answered 4 years ago

Youtube channels are able to be monetised indirectly, eventhough you are not able to monetise directly through Youtube advertising.

Gaining the 1000 subscribers enables adsense, however you are able to make money through the following channels:

Selling physical products
Digital products
Offering a service (coaching/consulting)
Joint Ventures (affiliates)

There is a whole lot more involved in building up a YouTube channel, I am able to run through this as part of my YouTube building programme.

Answered 4 years ago

I have really really important tips that can help you to boost up your YouTube channel. You only need a few important things and a mind set and trust me you can do great with the channel. I just made a website in this quarantine time, it's been 20 days already and about 700 people have signed up at my website. You see, it's not that a big thing if you try to do things step by step, and have a little patience with it.
You can call me anytime my friend and trust me, you won't regret!

Answered 4 years ago

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