Do you know how to handle you restless teenager?


To handle a restless teenager carry out these instruction:

*Try and calm the teenager down
*Give the restless teenager an attention to understand the
root cause of the restlessness.
*Show love
*Avoid a crowded or noisy environment
*Allow the teenager to have some rest


Answered 4 years ago

Never try to get control over them, it won't help at all. You have to gain the trust, you have to make them believe in yourself that you're the best person/best parent, BEST FRIEND they will follow you and you won't need me or anyone anymore. Haha

Still, you can contact me anytime, I'll take 5 minutes max, the problem will be solved.
Good Luck!

Answered 4 years ago

There are most likely many answers to this question depending on the various situations. Having raised four teenagers, all adult and thriving, I would be happy to discuss further if you desire as without any other context, it is hard to answer the question.


Answered 4 years ago

I'm father of a teenager and can share some tips that I'm using while dealing with mine:

Never reveal to them that you wish that they would act progressively like another person. We attempt to satisfy your hopes however it ain't simple.
There are only so many times you can ask them if they are OK before they get annoyed and really are not ok. But, at the same time, tell them you’re there for them. They may roll their eyes but it still secretly means a lot.
Do not crush their dreams. If they tell you what they want to do for a job or hint at it, support them. My parents said that I would never be a website designer and it hurts self-esteem. So be respectful.
Please listen without judgment!! Let us tell you our side of things, try to understand where we are coming from, and don't judge us for our opinions.
Do not ever ever ever threaten to send them back whenever you’re arguing with them. I know to some parents it seems like the equivalent to “ I brought you into this world and I can take you out” and while A parent shouldn’t say that to a child regardless, it is especially problematic for children who were old enough to remember being in the system. We will often take the statement/threat seriously. It causes also makes the kid feel like you don’t really want or love them or that their having a home is reliant on how well behaved and helpful They can be.

Answered 4 years ago

Allow the teenager some alone time with minimal monitoring. This will help raise the trust levels between you and the teenager.
Talk to the teenager once in a while about your childhood life and things you did as a teenager. Do not leave out mistakes you did growing up which you regret about. Also mention the bad choices you made and how maybe youd have m,ade things better. This gives teenagers a sense of reflection and self thought during that alone time.
Allow the teenager enough rest. Otherwise, the emotions portrayed by the teenager will be violence, anger and aggression.
Never ask a teenager to be like... maybe a friend's child. This will slowly destroy the relationship since it shows how much you wish they were better.
Just make the teenager feel okay with whatever he or she is doing but constantly remind him or her there is room to improve.
All teenagers need nowadays is regular gestures of support, love and motivation.

Answered 4 years ago

I feel that there are many possible solutions, however I can understand the frustrations faced by the teenager. We are all going through an unprecedented period in history and with schools, universities and institutes closed and exams being cancelled or being moved online for the foreseeable future, a lot of students have lost motivation.
I work closely with students of all ages and abilities, studying various curricula and keeping them motivated and occupied has been something we help with. I would recommend the teenager signing up to online courses in subjects that they are interested in or would like to learn more about. is a fantastic platform that offers a wide range of courses that can be completed over a short period of time and many of these courses are free. This would not only engage the student but the fact that they are free would make it easy for them to change courses if they do not enjoy it. These courses would also give them an insight into career paths they may be interested in, and many of the courses do not require any prior knowledge. They would also be a fantastic addition to any CV, cover letter or application in the future.
I would also recommend trying some vocational or hands-on activities that could be useful or fun. These could range from cooking, to building things or pottery and art. Initially the student may seem uninterested but as they find something they enjoy, naturally they would want to excel and improve.
Having all this time off could be seen as difficult as it could demotivate students and cause them to be idle, but it could also be a great time to practice new skills which would be helpful not only for applications but also essential life skills such as cooking. It could also allow students and teenagers to find new areas of interest whilst staying safe.

I would be more than happy to discuss this with you further.

Answered 4 years ago

Very simple and easy to accomplish a goal raising your teenager first of all ,
-Being patient is the first outcome of the picture to any goal.
-Showing love to your kid when trying to explain and point out a mistake or a problem.
-Never showing hate towards your son ,You can become hard on your kid when he’s done a mistake and including love at the same time when finishing Summing a point. Because that builds a major personality base to your son regarding when right time to love and get mad. Building these bases on any human bean will 100% gain a personality that knows and understands life Challenges dealing with love and making best actions in life. Lmk if you need more specific points I’m more than happy to make a difference in your life :)

Answered 4 years ago

Restlessnes is a common phenomenon with many teenagers. This is caused by many factors. Some of these factors are; physical and psychological developmental changes, identity crisis,negative peer pressure, drug or substance abuse,unhealthy relationships,poor academic grades,low self esteem,negative attitude,bullying,sexual/physical violence among others. At times this can come be brought about by the environment at home.

As a parent you should be patient and reach out to your teenage daughter or son with love so that you can learn from them what the problem could be. If your relationship with them is not good you should work on improving it. And if you enjoy good relationship with them,it would be easy for them to be open with you and this way it will be easy for you to identify the issues at hand so that you can you can address them in the right way.

Parents should try as much as possible to be friends with their teenage children because this is a very critical stage in their life. They need to be handled wisely, with great care and love because it is a very delicate and sensitive stage.

Once you carry out your own assessment you can now decide the cause of action.The cause of action should be determined by the nature or the magnitude of the problem. There are are issues that you can handle personally but there are others that may require professional attention. This is where you involve a professional counselor,a psychologist or a medical doctor depending with nature of the problem as I earlier observed.

Answered 4 years ago

Now there are many different ways to handle a restless teenager. First you have to ask yourself how that teenager whom ever it may be is treated on a regular. For ins-tense as a parent do you give your teenager a-lot of attention or do you barley give him/she attention. If its the (a-lot) option I would ease up and seem less controlling or worried let them feel like they can breathe and if you chose the (barley) then do the opposite shower them with affection just not to much.

Answered 3 years ago

Hie, i hope this will help,
Most teens and young adults in their early 20s all they realy need is to be heard and be spoken to, they really have a lot of confusion and restlessness, so listening to them and talking to them will help them see another light of life, also introducing them to career classes and other sects of life, showing them that thei dreams matter.....

Thats the stage when peer pressure is at its peak, so listening to them and knowing wat they are going through

Answered 2 years ago

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