Looking for help in the baby/stroller/buckle industry!

Hi there. I'm an entrepreneur with an innovative, fully patented new harness adjustment system predominantly for strollers and looking for help and guidance from an expert who can help get my product successfully out there in the market.


I would need a little more info to help you. What current issue are you having selling your product?

Answered 4 years ago

I would be happy to help you launch your product. please contact me to check your problem and help you make a strategic plan. Call me today no matter which expert you choose, I'd like to tell you everything you need to keep your product from ruining.

Answered 4 years ago

Are you looking for manufacturing partners? If so, I could help you find said in parts of East Asia.

Answered 4 years ago

If you're looking to build a marketing program to sell to consumers, I can provide guidance on the best places to start. If you're trying to sell to existing stroller companies as a B2B solution, that will mostly require networking and identifying ways to get your foot in the door. I can show you some simple ways to get in front of these people

Answered 4 years ago

As an expert I will stress on the safety measures you would feel profitable to employ in your baby strollers/buckle industry. Some key features you should incorporate in your strollers are as follows:
1. Restraint system: Get a stroller with a sturdy safety belt and crotch strap, which keep a baby or a toddler from slipping out. Some strollers have only waist and crotch straps, but many come with an adjustable five-point harness , much like those found in car seats, which keep a baby from slipping or falling out if the stroller tips, or climbing out when you're not looking.
2. Brakes: Check that any stroller you intend to buy has a good parking brake, one that is convenient to operate and locks two wheels. Some two-wheel parking brakes are activated in a single stroke by a bar in the rear of the stroller frame.
3. Wheels: The SUV syndrome has carried over into strollers with large wheels and a rugged, off-road appearance. Most strollers have double wheels on the front that swivel to make steering easier.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 4 years ago

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