To launch a beta product, I am struggling to align marketing strategy with content strategy. Any directions please?

The objective is to capture emails and gain visibility via social, and we know our target audience. The beta is ready for launch and we already promoting it on social. However, the brand connecting is missing somehow.


You missed the opportunity to try and describe your service here, I wonder if you're generally missing the ability to effectively describe what you do to who you think is your customer?

Strategy is simple. Tactics and implementation are where wins and losses are made. By "the brand connecting is missing somehow" I'm guessing you're saying you're getting underwhelming sign-ups. That points to messaging being off or it being accurate and no one cares about the service you're offering.

Given that you didn't provide any details where we could help (web link etc), you're best bet is to schedule a call with myself or someone else like me on Clarity that knows something about product positioning, customer acquisition and measurement and analysis.

Answered 7 years ago

If you know your target audience and you're just looking for emails run some Facebook adds to fans of someone who already has your avatar. Lead them to an opt-in page and give away a white-paper, ebook or something. Good offer you can expect spend .25-.75 per subscriber.

Answered 7 years ago

As always, marketing strategy starts at the top with product, distribution, price, promotion, customers and competition. A successful promotional strategy is based on positioning, messaging and branding, as applied to advertising, PR, personal selling and sales promotions. Then, you need to understand these components before you choose the communications vehicles and know what to say to compel visitors to take action.

It's difficult to build awareness with social media alone, depending on the product or service of course. You may want to try social media as part of a broader PR campaign to drive people to a specific landing page at your website, with the call to action to provide an email. Be sure to give a good reason why they should in relation to your offering's ability to fill their need competitively.

Answered 7 years ago

Before deciding on which marketing channels to pursue. You should think about the your target objectives, what resources you have available to you (money or people) and which combination of marketing strategies can achieve your goal.

Your strategies will depend on user behaviours, resources available, and product positioning. Whether to achieve your goal virally via social, or deliver value through content, will depend on your product/service.

It would be best to chat with a marketing strategies to help understand and identify which combination may be the best fit to your situation. Be happy to discuss more on a call to help you determine an overall strategy.

Answered 7 years ago

How abt we just ask what you do? A lot easier to help you if we have specifics here. Let us know

Answered 7 years ago

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