How can I create my own blog?


If you wish to know How To create blog...You need to follow 6 Basic Steps.

1.Decide about your NICHE (any hot topic/ you having good skill in it)
2.Pick Your Blog name/Domain Name
It must be short and sweet and it should be Descriptive.
3. Technically short blog (Not heavy site/domain)
Please do some research on content management system i would recommend you "Wordpress" to make technically short blog.
4.Select Wordpress/Blog Theme
If you are running through short of Money go for Free theme or you can buy it. Please refere below sites for Themes.
5.Create content that converts
Positive approach towards blog/niche,Do keyword research (Recommend you to do some keyword research on Pint-rest/uber suggest).
6.Promote you content and get traffic to your sites.
SPECIAL NOTE: Please Dont rush to get traffic using some illigal ways.
promote your content on below platform, hope you will get good and convertible traffic.
Pintrest,Google,facebook,Youtube,Forum Question & Answer,Guest Posting.

hope you got how to make blog.Please feel free to make call for any challenges.

Please Upvoke if you satisfied with answer.

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Answered 4 months ago

First Come up with a niche(topic) that you are passionate and knowledgeable about, then you need to find webhosting services and a domain name for your website, after that you can launch your website and write articles on whatever topic you like.

Answered 4 months ago

A blog can be created by anyone, but for it to be readable and maintained, you need strategy and a good plan I would be happy to assist you with your problem. there are 156 million on the internet where are you now ???

billionaire/Free15 Take your free time

Answered 4 months ago

Easy, start writing. If you haven't yet started publishing, a great platform to quickly start the process is on Simply create your profile and start uploading content. You can promote your Medium profile and specific content on other social media channels and any other web/mobile channels that you are already using.

If you enjoy the process and want to take it to the next level, you can consider specific blog tools to develop your own website. Taking it further depends on your own objectives.

Good luck!

Answered 4 months ago

You can use special services of site-builders, they are convenient to use and do not require knowledge of the code. There are services to which you can connect your domain, and there are those that provide a free domain or at a small cost.

Answered 4 months ago

It's very easy to create a blog site based on a niche. Publish something important to people. Choose a good domain and theme and set up the basic SEO.

Afterward, traffic on your site will increase and apply for adsense. Once you keep updating the blog site, you can also get a good income.

Blogspot is a free Content Management System (CMS) from google which allows you to post content. It is the best tool with which you can start your blogging journey. It's hosted on google's own server hence can take unlimited traffic, also it provides you a free subdomain under the domain

Steps to Start A Blog on Blogger

You need to start a Google Account for using Blogger.
Visit Blogger.
Choose Your Theme
Create Posts
There are a lot of tutorials online which will help provide you how to use blogger.
Rest if you want to create self hosted blog then we can get on call for discussion.

Answered 4 months ago

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