I am looking to build a team of web design and I personaly would like to focus on sales and managing the business more than geting involved in all daily tasks (which I do now). I want to grow and have more familly time rather than do all myself.

I cofounded a development agency that's grown to over 150 employees, so I know this topic intimately.

First off, you're on the right track. Even recognizing that you want to get yourself out of the minutiae puts you way above most founders. What you need to do is learn to delegate. The trouble is, that's a lot harder than it sounds.

It sounds like right now you're wrapped up in doing a lot of daily tasks. That's a natural impulse for a founder – after all, you want things to be done right.

But here's an exercise I'd recommend: make a list of every single task you have to get done within the course of a day. Everything on your to-do list. Then, circle every item on the list that only you are capable of doing – so only circle the items that no other person could do.

Chances are, you'll circle very few, if any tasks. Now for all the items that aren't circled, write the names of anyone else who could do the task next to it. Then, pick a person and delegate each task. It's that simple!

Delegation is hard at first, but it's vital if you want to grow. Once you free yourself from minute detail work, you're free to think and act like an agency head and see the bigger picture.

It's amazing how much clearer things get when you can give yourself more room to breathe. Trust me, you'll thank yourself for it.

Answered 2 years ago

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