As a newly Clarity Expert, what's the best way to market my consultant service?


I think if you are hoping to make a living off Clarity, you should place your energy elsewhere.
Use the Answers section to train on how to answer real questions you will receive from clients in the marketplace, whether on Clarity, other platforms for through face to face activities.
Improve your ability to communicate clearly and in a manner that showcase your expertise, is impactful and is persuasive enough that it enages your audience to ask for more.
Once that interest is at its peak, then you need to move in to close the deal, and make your business request.

Answered 4 years ago

Hi there!

With the coronavirus, convid19, crisis rising many have become unemployed, would-never-be entrepreneurs are now finding themselves having to either join small businesses and help them grow through commission based work or have just gone out and launched their own new ‘work from home’ business. Even business professionals, strategist experts who have previously made a living working for a large firm, such as Boston Consulting Group for example — where even though they have to provide and manage the majority if not all of the work they do, having the name BCG as leverage for closing contracts is no longer an option. Finding new clients for a newly formed consulting business is usually very tough.

Below are some tactics, step by step guide, that follow my proven strategies. About 10 years ago when I started consulting, I followed some of these steps and over time I have added and adjusted. I hope this helps you as you venture into the consulting world.

Chose Your Niche Market
This is an obvious first step. If you don't know who you are selling you will have a week business foundation and won't be able to grow your business. Choosing wisely is a matter of understanding your own personal schedule and how much time and resources do you have as some markets or industries are harder to penetrate than others. Therefore if your budget is humble you should start off with a tangent niche market to your final desired one so that you can make with what you have. Also having a niche market allows you to follow the following tactics much easier which 3/4 of the time leads to guaranteed sustainable growth.

I have actually just answered this question through on of my other blog entries. If you'd like continue reading more about what I'd suggest by following this link

Thank you! Also, in case you would like to schedule a call but aren't sure if it would be worthwhile; consider that I offer many more resources outside of a call and although lack the call history here on Clarity I have a loyal following through my various Facebook groups :)

Answered 4 years ago

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