The Directory connects people in need with the service(s) that can help. This is a For-profit business.

Before you ask money you will need to build something quick and dirty (MVP) and try to get few users to see if your idea can fly. Truth to be told that it’s going to be near to impossible to get funding unless your idea is

A. High-Impact for global change where nonprofits like Chan Zuckerberg Initiative or Gates Foundation can fund it.

B. The data you collect is so valuable that you can sell the data to make money.

C. You can get ridiculous amount of traffic to generate ads revenue.

In all the cases you still will need to build something while keeping things bootstrapped. I highly recommend you to build a desktop/web directory app vs native app to test your idea.

Use open source technology like WordPress. Google “best wordpress directory theme” and you will find something suitable for your need.

Here are some helpful reads

Answered 3 years ago

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