Distribution Management Software Needed

We are planning to start a food supplies import company, we have been looking for a good multi use software to help us with the entire import/distribution management. any recommendations on something reasonably priced?



The question of a "good software" package really does require a bit more of a review to ascertain what is suitable to your needs, and I say this after reviewing multiple software packages and business requirement cases in many different verticals and industries.

Some of the things you will need to consider are:

1) What your entire business process is? From start to finish, not only could the new tool be incompatible with the rest of your business, but it could present new opportunities that you haven't had before.

2) What are some of the features that are more/less important to you? You say to help with the import/distribution management but that could need a higher focus on integration with providers and shipping, or it could be more data focus for manifests, ease of use, mobile accessibility, maybe you want a less SAP/complex approach. Which brings me to my next point.

3) What is your price point? Now is often viewed a little too strongly in my opinion, as the cheapest product might make for a more expensive process. Something to consider in the market is subscription parameters (user/product licenses, enterprise vs. basic, scalability etc). It is true that sometimes the absolute best software will be far too expensive when it's all said and done, by the same token the cheapest product might require so much more additional work and steps to make the overall product viable that it will cost more anyway. So it's important to get a very comprehensive understanding to see what would work best.

If you wish, more than happy to go over this with you in a call should you require. If nothing else, i hope that this gives you a good platform to get started with.

Answered 4 years ago

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