i have been in this platform and never know how to go about even getting my first client till now.

Here's a quick rundown on how to get your first client;

Conduct Target Market and Prospect Analysis. This is the most important part. Most people never spend enough time on this. You need to have a clear understanding of your target market and who your prospects are. All that work doesn't sound fun or sexy, but fuckin do it.

Run A Competitor Analysis relevant to your niche. The internet is full of trash so make sure you research the winners and not losers.

After collecting all that data from the last 2 steps. Create a minimum viable offer based on the research you just did.
Then ...

Get your ass out there and start getting as many people to
and to hear about you.
Start off doing Discovery or Strategy call's
Post on Social Media channels, Facebook, LinkedIn, or
Alignable offering your sessions
In-Person Events
Answer answer questions and help people here

Keep at it consistently, then you'll get more than one client.
It's going to take some effort, but be consistent and you'll be surprised at how many client you can land within 1-2 Months.

Lastly, DON'T be like the 95% of people on facebook, instagram and just the internet who sells and gets a client but KNOWS THEY CAN'T provide what that client needs.

Separate yourself from the losers, be honest and have some integrity. Which will work overall better for you and gets you more clients because your legit and can be trusted.

1) Conduct Target Market and Prospect Analysis
2) Competitor Analysis
3) Get Your Ass Out There and Prospect
(Assuming your not a marketing badass like yours truly)
4) Offer As Many Free Sessions You Can (Except Here)
5) Be Consistent and Don't Waver

Call or Don't Call. Just hope that helped s you out!!

Answered a year ago

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