Best Practices that streamline an Agency Running Facebook Ad campaigns for 50+ clients?

Hi Everyone! This is long, but I wanted to lay it all out - as I’ve been struggling determining the best path to use for scaling and can find no clear examples. Details: Assuming all clients are in the same niche, and running similar lead generation campaigns, how do other high volume Agency’s run a clean, organized, repeatable structure in Facebook BM? Different options I’ve reviewed when trying to build a clean scalable operation within Facebook BM: OPTION 1: Manage Using Client Ad Account/Page - client onboarding/ both are account and FB page admin permissions needed. OPTION 2: Manage Using Agency Ad Account / Client FB Page - only client Facebook page admin needed OPTION 3: Manage Using Agency Ad Account / Generic FB Pages - no client onboarding or permissions needed. There are MANY pro and con considerations for each option, but I didn’t want this post to be a book :) Really, I’d love to find those that have mastered a clean process for not only what is above, but also SOPs for a scalable service model for a high volume of Facebook clients. Thank you! Roger


Hi Roger,

You can set the process for running Facebook campaigns for many clients.

There are few tools available which can be helpful to auto schedule your campaigns.

Answered 4 years ago

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