How to improve your writing skills ?

Hello everyone ) I'm trying to write my narrative essay. But I see that I haven't that good skills to write it. I saw great examples here and it's really awesome. I want to become as good at writing as writers who work there. If you have some useful sources to advise me I would be glad.


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There are basically 3 ways to get better at writing:
1. Read.
2. Practice writing.
3. Learn the technical side of good writing.

For reading you can read anything and it's actually a good idea to mix both fiction and non-fiction. Obviously if you want to get good at writing one particular thing, read more of that.

For practicing writing you just need to write - a lot. Some of it will be rubbish. Some of it will be OK. Some of it will be amazing. The more you write, the more people read, and the more feedback you get, the better you will be at writing.

For the technical side you can hope on any learning platform like Udemy and go through a writing course. Pick one that matches the genre of what you want to write about and then go through it. You'll learn the dos and don'ts, how to structure your pieces, how to properly edit, research, proofread and everything else.

I personally like Dr Clare Lynch's courses on Udemy.

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there a lot of ways you can do that. I recommend reading books and writing stuff to yourself and basically just practicing it.

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Here are some tips:

1) Write succinctly. You shouldn't write as much as possible. Short sentences and only what you really need.

2)Listen to the criticism. It is impossible to get rid of all your mistakes on your own. That's why well-founded criticism is the best factor for your growth.

3)Read more.

4)Write the way I think. Don't write in abstruse words, trying to develop your own style. Write the way you think. That voice that sits in your head already knows what needs to be done. Trust it and let it say what it wants to say.

5) Be inspired by examples.

6) Enjoy the process. Sit down to write your assignment only when you are in a good mood.
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1- Do not start writing if you do not have a complete view of the topic

2- Listen to positive criticism and do not impose your opinion on others

3- Do not make the opinion of others a measure of your performance, but learn from criticism

4- Avoid arguing and make sure that the origin of the argument is from the question and its branches

5- The best speech is what is said and done

6- Use the words the audience prefers and make it easy

7- Avoid the thumbs in sentences

8- Try to have the discussion points supported by realistic examples to speed up the delivery of the idea to the reader

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