Subscription for upskilling and educational workshops?

Looking to start a series of small educational workshops on life skills ie taxes, finances, starting a business, email etiquette etc and other hard skills like learning to use CRM, email marketing etc in a hands on environment with experts in the field. So the idea is to start a subscription where you get credits to attend x number of workshops of your choice in a month or you can just pay and attend a specific workshop sans membership. But with Youtube, does it make sense to just put everything online or just do it on an MOOC platform?


I've been working with information products and online masterclasses for close to a decade now.

You basically have a few options:
1. Host it yourself.
2. Host it on YouTube.
3. Host it on a MOOC, Udemy or something similar.

The big differences between the 3 are pricing, control and setup.

If you host somewhere that isn't your own platform then you have very little control over pricing and how much you can charge. This is why you see masterclass creators charging $200-300 for courses but Udemy creators have their content sold for $10.

With your own platform you'll be able to control how the customer experience and navigation flow looks and feels.

You'd also be able to set up the credit/a la carte system for payment. On other platforms you'll be limited.

To host on your own platform requires a certain amount of technical know-how and there are also a lot of moving pieces - you'd have to setup web hosting, video hosting, some kind of cart or product delivery system as well as payment processing.

Answered 4 years ago

Hey, Hope your doing well. I am suing subscription management software for one of my magazine subscription business and I am very satisfied with their services. I hope you are also looking for such a management system that can handle and well manage your educational workshop membership. Here is the link you can find more details.
Hope this well help. Thanks

Answered 3 years ago

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