Is there a Real Website with Start-Up Business Investors? And not all brokers or referral agents?

VR Travel Start-Up Business, not VR Goggles!


I recommend to use and have seen many angels and VCs there. Another channel would be reputed groups in LinkedIn

Answered 4 years ago

I work closely with an internationally integrated AR/VR/MR dev team based out of Toronto Ontario which stems out into the AI space for future implementation.

I have extensive experience connecting with some of the latest in the wearable space as well as any future forward lense being developed for the purpose of implementing our Software.

As a group we have been listed across a series of websites and reviewed many lists ourselves and found significant success rather in directly contacting angels and VCs on Linkedin. Now the key is, Rather than looking for someone describing themself specifically as an Angel or VC look at someone who may be passionate in the space with the networth applicable to your first round. Leveraging this to your board for your second round where you have a star advocate for your venture.

This has been my experience with 2 startups we are currently deploying under better economic standing.

I hope this helps.

Answered 4 years ago

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