I sell a very convenient new bathroom 🚽 product that is geared toward commercial public bathrooms like schools malls gyms or any public bathroom..... I would like to know if anyone can teach me how to target advertise to them in a way that they will respond and this will convert into sales. Or do you think I will have to go around in person marketing to each venue.

Here’s what you could do using Linkedin:

1. Find and create a list of target prospects: There are 550 million LinkedIn users. With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can create a list of target people who *fit the right criteria* of prospects that might buy your bathroom product. 

You can filter by GEOGRAPHY (e.g. country, state, etc), INDUSTRY (e.g. Hospital & Healthcare, Health, Wellness & Fitness), JOB TITLE (e.g. Director of Facilities, Head of Janitorial Services, Chief Procurement Officer, etc).

In seconds, you could have an immediate overview of all the people you could possibly sell your bathroom product to.

2. Contact and message them: Now that you have you list you can start doing ‘prospecting’ or ‘outreach’. You can use LinkedIn to directly message these people and tell them about your bathroom product.

3. LinkedIn advertising: If you prefer not to spend time contacting people directly, you could instead create LinkedIn adverts that advertise your products that are only shown to the people that you found in Step 1.

This will save you the effort of having to manually message hundreds - or thousands - of people (as in Step 2). Instead, you can pay to display adverts instead. This will save you time, however it will cost you more money upfront as you have to ‘pay per click’ or ‘pay per impression’ for your ads.

Am happy to talk further about all the ways you could use Linkedin to do some target marketing. Book a call if you’d like more advice! :)

Answered 2 months ago

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