Can someone here help me how to do some target marketing ....

I sell a very convenient new bathroom 🚽 product that is geared toward commercial public bathrooms like schools malls gyms or any public bathroom..... I would like to know if anyone can teach me how to target advertise to them in a way that they will respond and this will convert into sales. Or do you think I will have to go around in person marketing to each venue.


Here’s what you could do using Linkedin:

1. Find and create a list of target prospects: There are 550 million LinkedIn users. With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can create a list of target people who *fit the right criteria* of prospects that might buy your bathroom product. 

You can filter by GEOGRAPHY (e.g. country, state, etc), INDUSTRY (e.g. Hospital & Healthcare, Health, Wellness & Fitness), JOB TITLE (e.g. Director of Facilities, Head of Janitorial Services, Chief Procurement Officer, etc).

In seconds, you could have an immediate overview of all the people you could possibly sell your bathroom product to.

2. Contact and message them: Now that you have you list you can start doing ‘prospecting’ or ‘outreach’. You can use LinkedIn to directly message these people and tell them about your bathroom product.

3. LinkedIn advertising: If you prefer not to spend time contacting people directly, you could instead create LinkedIn adverts that advertise your products that are only shown to the people that you found in Step 1.

This will save you the effort of having to manually message hundreds - or thousands - of people (as in Step 2). Instead, you can pay to display adverts instead. This will save you time, however it will cost you more money upfront as you have to ‘pay per click’ or ‘pay per impression’ for your ads.

Am happy to talk further about all the ways you could use Linkedin to do some target marketing. Book a call if you’d like more advice! :)

Answered 4 years ago

Hi, Ravi here. I’ve run a successful sales and marketing organization. I would do some secondary research and build a database of the intended target market. Once you compile this list (which should include an email), you could either call first and follow up with an email or vice versa but in communicating to the potential customer, start of with what benefit you will bring to their establishment (eg I have a product that could reduce your maintenance overhead costs by 20%). Building your scripts to suit the different clients is critical. Once you get communication going, assess what you need to do to further push the client to close (site visit, free sample) but remember that for every touchpoint with the client, always push towards a commitment (eg Client responds they may be interested, but not now. You need to ask when can I call you back. Leaving the conversation open ended will result in you not getting closer to landing a deal). It’s important to build content simultaneously, so if you have a social media page or YouTube channel, include that in your communication so it could help you sell your product. Some work is needed but building a rapport or relationship is key and then go in assertively when you get an interest.

Hope this helps, I am available to discuss further

Answered 4 years ago

It's all about the return on investment or time spent. Maybe meeting face to face buyers is more effective than participating to an industry show or magazine where you could present your product.
Have your tried to measure that?

Answered 4 years ago


Decide based upon your business plan. What is your sales target for say next two years. What are the gaps. What is the best way and best product market fit to meet that gap.

Assess how many additional customers, opportunities and prospects you need, and which market.

Then get into marketing.

If your run rate will get you the number then focus on existing and visible potential customers. If your capacity to follow up is x then generate x amount of leads.

All the best.

Answered 4 years ago

Let your prospects identify themselves!
1. Write an interesting information product (10 ways your product helps public bathrooms), shoot a video where you demonstrate how it works, host a webinar.
2. Tease your information product in a campaign (could be on Linkedin as mentioned, or on some trade website) and target your campaign as well as you can.
3. Send prospects to a landing page (on f.ex. Mailchimp or similar), where they register with email-adress and other relevant information.
4. Share your information-product after registration, and follow-up with interesting content.

This should deliver a pipeline of leads to you, that allows you to sell your product to people, who already know about it.

Good luck with it - and set up a call if you want to talk more.

Best regards
Kenneth Wolstrup

Answered 4 years ago

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