How do I manage and automate auto responders and customer communication with Capsule, Mailchimp and Freshbooks?

We are a business directory ( and work with capsule as our CRM & and freshbooks for billing and mailchimp for mail. Capsule is our central repository for our customer data but it gets it's data through an API with Can anyone advise of the best way to tag and manage these customers we have so that I can set up communication campaigns depending on the type of customer they are and also what products they have with us. Here is an example of the types of customers; Type Examples; New FREE listings Edited FREE listings New Paid Listings Product Example; basic, premium or ultimate listing (paid) website SEO SEM Is there a product that will enable a "less technical" member of my team to manage this. What is best practice here. Any help would be much appreciated.


You need to think about these auto-responders in terms of events. If you can put data up on MailChimp when an event takes place, you can manage auto-responders off of that data. Here is some additional information from their website.

Answered 6 years ago


Great question. An answer here will be working off some assumptions but I think this can be addressed fairly directly.

If Capsule knows the listing type as fed from your site and it has the email address you're looking to mail with you'd want to build a report to output each of those variables. Difficulty level... probably 6/10 for most CRM users.

Once the reports are built they would dump to a CSV table(s). These could be batched and identified by a keycode given to Mailchimp or you could upload them to X number of different individual campaigns.

Depending on the frequency you need this process to occur you could probably do an API with Mailchimp and feed this same information to the same places though I'd expect to pay for it. The CSV dump is way more practical for most applications though, especially if you aren't updating your mailing file in real time.

We deal with stuff like this all the time for clients - if I can help with specific process design let's set up a call.

Answered 6 years ago

I confess that I don't know much about Capsule or Freshbooks. But I do all of my campaigns from Mailchimp. It has a very easy (less techincal) way to sent out auto-responders and other campaigns. You can import client information from various forms. Mailchimp even accepts Capsule database formats. You can section your mailchimp list into your different customer types or create 3 separate mailing lists (which ever you prefer). Then create the appropriate autoresponders to either the target segment or the entire list itself. My recommendation is to play with a free copy of mailchimp and experiment.
If you need help initially setting mailchimp up and some training on it - please give me a call.

Answered 6 years ago

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