How can I effectively use this email address list to engage prospects? Can social media help?

I have a list of over 10,000 email addresses collected organically from the website. They were collected over the past several years using single opt-in. The open rate on emails to this list is currently less than 10%. I have now switched to a different email app (email service provider) and am now using a double opt-in system to collect leads on the website. I am reluctant to add bad email addresses into the new email app. What options do I have for using this email address list to engage or communicate with prospects? Is there a way to use social media to connect with prospects from this list? For most records, I have first name, email address, and IP address; for a smaller subset I have additional information like city, state, zip code etc. Thanks.


10,000 email address is a good number. You can target them through multiple ways. You can upload the entire list along with first name, last name, location, contact number(if available), email id etc. on Facebook and can target them through Facebook and Instagram.
The same can be implemented through LinkedIn as well. But LinkedIn will be bit expensive. You can add a remarketing pixel in the website and they can be targeted through Google as well.

Answered 4 years ago

Uploading your contacts to linkedIn is a good way to verify your email lists, but I would not do this to a cold list. Hopefully it is warm? Connect with me and I can guide you through this process.

Answered 4 years ago

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