How can I better word my Clarity title so that searches will be best drawn to my expertise?


This is hard to answer without seeing your current title; I have wondered this about my own titles, but I tried to make them the same search terms that my prospective callers would be entering. This unfortunately makes them boring, but I do not think this is an opportunity for intrigue.

I suppose you could consider a clickbait type strategy (e.g. "My Top 7 Secrets to Doubling Revenues for a Service Business"), but that might seem hokey.

Then again … it might work. Perhaps try it out for 3 months, and then compare that period to the prior one?

Answered 4 years ago

Send me your profile and I'll take a look.

Answered 4 years ago

You can try the following ways if you have recently opened a clarity account:

1. Friendly Profile Photo
Having a high-quality casual but professional profile image is particularly important. Having a friendly photo of yourself in your profile helps create trust and shows that you are a real person that we can talk to.
2. Add your Areas of Expertise.
Listing the various areas of expertise, you can help someone with is very important. Great listing titles include not only the keywords they would use in a search (Ex: Raising Capital, Social Media, Manufacturing) but it should also include benefits & details. (ex: Seed fundraising tips for first time entrepreneurs). List your relevant accomplishments in this area and the benefits they are likely to receive from your call. Adding a personal photo that re-enforces the expertise is a great way to get more call requests.
3. Connect social accounts.
Connecting your social accounts helps build trust within our community because it shows that you have taken extra steps to verify your identity and social credibility. Even though we ask you to connect your Facebook account, we don't link to your profile anywhere on the site (we totally get that it's sacred ground for your friends and family). Connected social accounts show as "Verified" on your profile. The more social accounts you verify, the more legit your profile will look.
4. Complete your mini-resume description.
Members looking for advice may not know who you are, so help them out by telling them about your background, what you do and any relevant experience or passions that provide context to the topics and areas of expertise listed on your profile. See some examples!
5. Add relevant topics.
Our mission is to help others looking for someone with your skill sets to find and connect with you. "Topics" is the best way to do this. We allow every member to select up to 10 topics that best define their skills, knowledge, experience, or passions that they feel comfortable talking about.
6. Set a fair hourly rate.
Not sure what your hourly rate should be? We suggest taking your annual salary, divide that by 2,000 (that is the number of hours in a working year) to get your hourly rate, and charge double that. Here is how the math would work: $100,000 / 2000 = $50/hour x 2 = $100 / hour. Please note that any changes made to your rate details will only apply to calls requested after the change.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 4 years ago

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