What WordPress plugins (especially free ones) would you suggest for running a site offering subscription content?

We are launching a site offering market analysis and research for healthcare industry professionals. We expect to offer both long-form publications on niche topics and ongoing short-form items of strategic interest.


As every membership site is unique in its needs & requirements, it's a hard question to answer with one plugin. I would start with Paid Memberships Pro (which is free) and consider alternatives based on your site's needs.

Answered a month ago

MemberPress is the easiest to use but its not free and has its limitations. But 'Paid Member Subscriptions' is a nice little plug in and you can start with a free trial to see if you like it and play with the features. Personally I think Wild Apricot is the best option, its cost effective and has most of the feature you will ever need. Its not a plug in though, its a stand alone butttt it incorporates very nicely with word press. Hope this helps.

Answered a month ago

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